Growing Marijuana Indoors: General Tips

Growing Marijuana Indoors: General Tips

The most innovative and effective techniques of indoor growing of marijuana become senseless because of the impossibility to control relative humidity and temperature. The size and quality of yield are significantly influenced by these two parameters. In fact, exactly the temperature and humidity level are the factors the growers forget about while they are too concentrated on thinking how to grow indoor weed fast and safe. In this article, we will summarize ways of keeping these indicators in the normal range to double or even triple your harvest!

Do temperature and humidity interact?

It might be a surprising fact, but these two parameters are firmly related to each other. The relative humidity we are talking about is the ratio of partial water vapor pressure to its maximum mark at the same level of temperature. To understand it clearly, it is enough to remember the law of physics: the greater content of water is observed in warm air than in the cold one. This is the reason you should remove as much hot air from the growing room as possible.

Ideal marks of temperature and humidity level: from seeding to getting harvest

The life cycle of weed plants is usually divided into four stages, each of which has a different humidity level and temperature. To control these two factors, you need a hydrometer and a thermometer with a memory function. So, now let us look through all four stages and never make mistakes again.

1. Seeding

Keep in mind that seeds and clones prefer a rather high humidity of up to 70% because their root system has not formed yet. Thanks to the high humidity, the plant can get water through its leaves. The temperature has to be lower than 25°C when the lights are on, and 5°C when the lights are off.

2. Vegetation stage

Humidity level should be lowered each week by 5%, as the root system is already able to function by this time. Increase the temperature up to 28°C.

3. Flowering

It is very important: decrease the humidity to 40%! High temperatures should also be avoided, the best option is to keep it at 20-26°C.

4. Late flowering period (1-2 weeks before harvesting)

If you want to improve your harvest, decrease the humidity to 30% and cut the daytime of the plants. The temperature has to be 18-24°C with the lights on and -5-10°C with the lights off.

Keep this instruction in mind, and your plants will repay you with a huge yield.

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