Greatest Stoner Rap Songs

Greatest Stoner Rap Songs

Khalifa and a bong rip. Drake and a blunt. Snoop Dog and the deep satisfaction from freshly-baked cannabis edibles. Nothing can be coupled with a bowl of fresh herb better than the smooth flow of a rap song. If you ask any smoker whether they have a list of their most favorite songs to listen while high, they will surely say yes. Forget about wasting hours to find the right song to go with your weed, sit back and enjoy the playlist we have prepared for you—all the hard work is already done.

1. Afroman—“Because I Got High”

From the newbies to stoner pros, the 2000 hit single by Afroman is the anthem of cannabis smoking, that is why it leads our best stoner songs list. The song outlines the true reason behind the mistakes of every stoner: because you got hiiiigh.

2. Redman—“How to Roll a Blunt”

No one can become a true marijuana master if they do not know how to roll a perfect blunt. The feeling of resin on the fingers after rolling a blunt is so special that your life seems to change for the better. From buying the finest rolling paper for your blunt to drying your favorite marijuana strain, Redman follows you and shows the right way to ganja greatness. You will not notice as the time passes when you are listening to this wise stoner rap.

3. Post Malone—“White Iverson”

Time to talk about fine vibes. The main aspect of a truly right song to listen to while getting high is its smooth feeling that sounds like nothing else. The relaxing tone of the angelic chorus of the singer makes even the most atheistic smokers wonder if Jesus resurrected again to create such a perfect stoner tune for all us sinners.

4. Gucci Mane—“Kush Is My Cologne”

What do you think, what natural smell would attract the most women? Of course, the pure smell of weed. Kush, the strongest smelling marijuana strain you may ever find, has been rumored to excite females even with a light whiff.

5. Chance the Rapper—Smoke Break”

The singer preaches the good vibes of weed in nearly every stoner song he creates. “Smoke Break” blesses all the smokers that like Chance wander around hazy rooms with smoke-filled lungs.

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