Granddaddy Purple—One of the Tastiest Strains Among Purples

Granddaddy Purple—One of the Tastiest Strains Among Purples

Whenever people start talking about their favorite marijuana strains, purples are always present in the conversation. And that is not just a coincidence. The flavor of the strain plays the most significant role in the smoking experience of any person. And the purple variety of strains is what you will always want to explore. Check out five of the most fascinating and breathtaking strains of the purple family!

Granddaddy Purple

Once you have tried these strains, you will never forget that amazing array of tastes: the subtle fragrance of grape, the blend of berries, and the notes of sweet candy flavors. Granddaddy Purple is the strain that deserves special attention not only for its pure taste and perfect look but also for its potency. The THC level exceeds 23%, which makes the high feeling really unforgettable.

Grape Ape

Time to talk about the most terrific taste you may ever try in your life! Grape Ape has a nice flavor of concord grapes and an excellent aroma to match it. It will be like smoking a grape candy. That is funny, right? Just after a few tokes of this strain, you will feel your mind and body start to soften. Due to the high level of THC (16-23%), Grape Ape is worth to be tried.

Pineapple Purple Kush

This strain differs a bit from others in our list due to the lower level of THC, which varies from 14 to 17% depending on the growing conditions. But still, it is a pretty potent strain that will take you miles away (not literally, of course). The same feeling will appear from its flavor, which seems to be out of this world: a strong taste of pineapple together with sweet candies, grapes, and a slight hint of earthiness will shock your taste receptors.

Purple Urkle

Want to feel stoned? Then this strain is exactly what you need. The THC level is close to 18%, which does not concede to the potency of the previous strain. The flavor consists of the notes of grape candy and slight earthy undertones that will arouse the desire to take several more tokes.

Purple Berry

You may guess that the flavor of this strain will remind you of a handful of freshly-picked blueberries. The THC level exceeds 21%, which is quite promising.

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