Global Addiction? World’s Most Famous Stoners

Global Addiction? World’s Most Famous Stoners

Everything in the world has its admirers, and weed is not an exception. There are many people on Earth who enjoy it, consider it helpful in coping with stress, and sincerely believe it to be even more effective than any medication previously invented for curing headaches. As for the ordinary people, it is natural that they might need weed to make their life brighter and easier, especially when there is no other way to deal with their routine problems.

But you will be surprised to find out that not only the normal and the ordinary consume pot, but there is also an entire cannabis subculture in Hollywood, but only a few celebrities are brave enough to admit they are smoking weed on a regular basis. Curiously enough, the world’s most famous stoner does not belong to any kind of prestigious get-together—he is a plain man, a hippie who brought marijuana back to life and made it mainstream again in the early 1980s. We are talking about Tommy Chong.

Tommy Chong seems like he will never be able to quench his weed thirst: he smokes pot literally every day. He spends a fortune on his engrossing habit. The man has been a life-long vindicator of weed legalization, combining his pot adoration with the career of a successful stand-up comedian and actor of the easy genre. Both on Instagram and Facebook Tommy posts his photos where he is pictured holding a can of marijuana oil, valued at between $90,000 to $100,000. So, as we can assume, weed addiction is not a cheap hobby.

Weed adorers are commonly called potheads. No wonder—pot is one of the plant’s names in a long row of synonyms: grass, marijuana, cannabis, Mary Jane, dope, reefer, herb, funny cigarettes, ganja, etc. A wide spectrum of weed names proves that weed has got a lot of attention and popularity nowadays. What does a common stoner look like? Long dreadlocks, messy clothes, wrinkled face and red eyes—we guess that when answering this question, it is natural to describe someone who looks like Tommy Chong that was mentioned above.

But sometimes they look not even close to that. There are many celebrity stoners, and looking at the list of them you might be truly shocked. Miley Cyrus, Joe Jonas, Matthew McConaughey, Stephen King, Kevin Smith, Michael Phelps—glamorous, well-groomed, positive, and optimistic, they look opposite to the typical sloppy Rastafarian style, do they not?

What is more important are their bright and lovable personalities, and not the fact that they are weed smokers. To break at least one rule, you have to exceed in something else—and the more fields, the better.

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