Girls Smoking Weed for Medicinal Purposes

Girls Smoking Weed for Medicinal Purposes

Whoopi Goldberg, together with Maya Elisabeth, has highlighted the role of weed in every woman’s health. Maya has spent many years in the cannabis industry and has even won some Cannabis Cup awards for discovering Om Edibles. Maya has combined her experience and knowledge with Goldberg’s strong desire to provide medical marijuana products for females, and together the women have created a product line with a simple name, Whoopi & Maya, which is available only in California, at least for now. Goldberg shares that her inspiration was her own sad experience of strong pain during menstruation, which is widespread among women.

Dysmenorrhea, the medicinal term of extremely painful menstrual cramps, effects almost 50% of women of menstrual age, though the research has shown that 90% of women of reproductive age also suffer. These numbers shock and overwhelm. That is why it is not a surprise that a 2013 Gallup poll reveals that there are nearly 6% of girls who smoke weed, compared to 8% among men. Nathaniel DeNicola, a physician at Penn Medicine, claims that there is no evidence that cannabis really treats the menstrual period pain. He also states that it is nothing but the placebo effect from the spread belief that marijuana has a tendency to kill pain.

Nevertheless, DeNicola is actively researching the role of medical marijuana in gynecology, but the sad truth is that the federal government perceives marijuana as a Schedule I drug and does not provide any financing for these kinds of studies. But the DEA is now considering to remove marijuana from the list of Schedule I drugs. That is why it may happen so that in the near future we will see the results of these medical marijuana studies. In any case, it is a fact that marijuana is an effective painkiller. 90% of women who suffer from extremely strong menstrual pain deserve the medical marijuana benefits to be reviewed. This is a case of women’s rights for body autonomy and gender equality—women should not have to justify their marijuana consumption just because they are women.

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