Girl Scout Weed

Girl Scout Weed

The Girl Scout Cookies strain has been one of the leaders on the weed market for a long time. The delicious hybrid is widely known for bringing an unforgettable creative hit and immediate physical relief. Most marijuana smokers like it for being an effective painkiller. But is the Girl Scout Cookies bud worth to be tried? Here are five reasons why marijuana enthusiasts enjoy this strain. Read on.

1. The bag appeal

If you have ever tried a real sample of GSC, then you know that there is no other strain even similar to it. Nothing can truly recreate the strain’s taste and aroma, especially when it is growing or harvested. Girl Scout Cookies has a much more dark color than stoners have used to know. When people think about cannabis, they see it green, but the color of GSC is deep green with the hues of purple. It gives the strain the final frosty touch.

2. Unique effects

Girl Scout Cookies and all the strains that originate from it show a quite high level of potency in the lab. The level of THC, the active chemical that makes you high, exceeds 22 percent. The THC level in crosses can even test up to 30 percent. For those growers who want to get a huge yield, Girl Scout Cookies is not the best option. This strain is oriented at high-quality buds with high potency.

3. The flavor

Among all the OGs, Kushes, Hazes, Purps, and other cultivars, Girl Scout Cookies deserves its own weed category due to an absolutely different terpene profile. The exceptional taste of GSC is what makes people keep enjoying it. After marijuana smokers experience this strain once, they want more and more.

4. The aroma

The aroma of GSC has no equivalents. It has a slight note of mint and chocolate. It is still a secret which strain Girl Scout Cookies originates from. Some people assume it came from @Jigga415’s crop.

5. The name

After 2009, when the strain first appeared on the marijuana market and became a hit, all the breeders and cannabis growers started slapping “dessert” names on their strains to profit on the hype of “Cookies”. Seven years later, the strain does not seem to be slowing down. The strain with a catchy name, the perfect aroma, flavor, and effect will steal the hearts of the smokers forever.

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