“Gateway Drug” is not about marijuana

“Gateway Drug” is not about marijuana

One of the last reports published by National Institute of Health, says that cannabis is not a “gateway drug” as was claimed by evil tongues.

Probably the report says that teenagers who smoke marijuana do it for some personal reasons. Those teens who do it to “get high” can potentially decide to try stronger stuff than cannabis.

In accordance with the research published in late June by American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, those juveniles who are smoking pot just to kill time or because they are bored are probably going to try heavy drugs – like heroin or meth. Those adolescents who try marijuana to find out the world that they are live in or to think about something deeper are likely to try psychedelic mushrooms known as “Magic Mushrooms”.

Head researcher Joseph Palamar from University Langone Medical Center in New York says that consumption of cannabis is not main reason that leads to the consumption of other drugs. Also Palamar noted that in general people smoke marijuana before they start to take other drugs but it does not point to direct connection between cannabis and drugs.

The Regents of the University of Michigan an organization ‘Monitoring the Future’ is studying the behaviors, attitudes of teenagers all over the states, show the following results, based on their statistics collected all over the country.

More than 15,000 high school students are evaluated every year, and the research was focused on them. Students were tested during 2000 – 2011 and those who said that they had tried cannabis during the previous year.

According to results 1/3 of teens were smoking marijuana because they were bored. Almost 1/5 of respondents said that they were smoking weed to discover understanding of the world and the universe, and because of their natural curiosity, more than 51% of teenagers tried Magic mushrooms. In addition to this, every one in ten persons said that the cause of marijuana consumption was the desire to strengthen the outcome of other drugs.

Due to the researches among of curious teens who tried weed just as an experiment the risk to consume other illicit drugs was quite low. Joseph Palamar points out that it does not mean that those children who experiment with marijuana won’t consume other drugs. Probably those youth who are trying marijuana “only to try it” have a quite low risk to go further and try heavy drugs.

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