Ganja Weed

Ganja Weed

Marijuana is the most commonly used illegal Schedule I drug in the U.S. Due to its psychoactive effects on the human body, its use is being controlled. But what is ganja? Ganja is a female cannabis plant. The flowering part that you consume can also be called ganja, weed, and marijuana. So, cannabis has a lot of names. But the question is why? We can find the reason if we try to find the answer to another question: where did marijuana originate from? It is known that the first scientists to discover marijuana were Carl Linnaeus and Jean-Batiste Lamark back at the beginning of the 20th century. Cannabis plants were believed to be found in the steppes of Central Asia, if to be more specific—in Mongolia and Siberia. Since that time, marijuana has found its way to many regions of the planet, receiving new names and meanings. So, now let us define what marijuana/ganja/weed actually is.

What is weed?

Since we already know what to say to the question “where does weed come from?”, it is time to learn more about the weed itself. Marijuana is derived from the dried parts of cannabis plants. Usually, they are flowering tops, stems, seeds, and leaves of the plant. Cannabis has been used for a long time by the humanity in making fiber and seed oils, treating patients, and just for fun. THC, the main component of marijuana (generally, there are more than 600 of them), affects the specific brain cell receptors known as cannabinoids. Different tests show that THC has the ability to reduce the pain caused by different illnesses, like cancer, glaucoma, and seizures. More than that, THC can stimulate appetite and provide the feeling of relaxation. Medical marijuana is considered to be an alternative treatment in cases when traditional medicine is incapable of helping. Nowadays, marijuana has a lot of ways of consumption, from smoking and inhaling to brewing and eating.

Effects of marijuana

Even if people of Mongolia and Siberia did not know that marijuana contains more than 113 cannabinoids that affect the human body, it did not stop them from taking the best of it. When a person consumes cannabis, THC is immediately absorbed into their bloodstream, reaching the brain cells. THC stimulates the receptors that are responsible for dopamine release, bringing the effect of deep satisfaction to the smoker.

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