Forget About Homemade Weed Pipes and Choose What Is Best

Forget About Homemade Weed Pipes and Choose What Is Best

A cannabis pipe remains one of the most favorite and effective ways to enjoy weed. Its main perk that appeals to most marijuana enthusiasts is that it can be easily packed and transported. More than that, weed pipes are usually not too expensive and sometimes even cost the same as the materials that you use for making a home made pipe. Nowadays, the variety of weed pipes is so wide and diverse that it is no wonder you find yourself confused. That is why we have made you a list of the best three weed pipes that will satisfy all your needs and preferences.

Bomdeego Smokers Mini Travel Kit

This pipe leads our list as it is a great option for those who prefer smoking on the go. In this kit, you will find a 3-inch pipe in an extremely convenient case together with a Bic lighter. The case will provide the protection for the glass pipe from being broken or crashed. Besides that, the kit contains a compact weed grinder with pirate symbolics. If you are looking for a smoking kit to start with, then Bomdeego will work best for you.

The Frost Ice Pipe

Here is the next weed pipe we have decided to present you. This variant is a bit more novel than the previous one. Are you ready to hear the coolest thing about The Frost Ice Pipe? It is entirely made of ice that is frozen within a special mold. That is why it is the most refreshing way to smoke marijuana. You will immediately like the cooling ice effect in your throat. Of course, it will not allow you to smoke your favorite weed for an hour, but you will be able to smoke a couple of cold bowls and then place it in the freezer to get it ready for the next smoking experience.

MC Pro Bungleweedious Pipe

Our next choice is for those who want to get an unforgettable experience for an easily affordable price. The 4.5-inch yellow-orange twist glass pipe costs approximately $20 with an absolutely free shipping. It is quite compact and can be easily placed into the pocket of a purse. Moreover, you do not need any special skills to manage or clean it—it is extremely easy. MC Pro pipe has a perfect look that really makes it a masterpiece.

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