Flying High: Marijuana Bundle Crashes Through Carport in Arizona

Flying High: Marijuana Bundle Crashes Through Carport in Arizona

Nogales police officers were shocked by a call that came to the local department on Tuesday: a couple claimed that a 26-pound package full of marijuana fell from sky, crashed through their carport and landed in a doghouse.

At night, Maya and Bill Donnelly were awakened by a blast, but decided that it was a storm and went back to sleep. Later, in the morning, they discovered a round hole through their wooden carport and a black bag containing roughly 26 pounds of cannabis. The hard plastic doghouse was also destroyed. Fortunately, no one was injured.

The most likely explanation is that an ultralight aircraft was smuggling marijuana from Mexico to Arizona and has accidentally thrown the load off earlier, near the U.S.-Mexico border. The package had a plastic bracket with black electrical tape that had probably been used to attach the drugs to the aircraft. Drug smugglers use this kind of aircraft, single-seat ones, do not require any training or licensing in the U.S. Sometimes they also use special catapults to launch bundles of drugs over the American-Mexican border.  

Officer of the local Police Department said that in his three-year tenure he has never seen drugs hit a house. The bundle worth an estimated about $10,000. There were no more bundles inside the house and at nearby areas.

Nogales police said that a few times they had intercepted bundles with thousands of pounds of marijuana being carrying by ultralight planes. For example, last year, they revealed an ultralight that dropped a lot of drugs in an iron rod basket—1,753 pounds. Marijuana was tightly wrapped into eight bundles. Similar incidents happened in 2009: Border Patrol and a U.S. Customs and Border Protection helicopter spotted an ultralight pilot who has been transporting 205 pounds of cannabis for sale.

The family will spend $500 in repairs and buy a new house for their dog Hulk. But the scenario, said Bill, could be much worse: a room of their three little daughters is close to the place were the bundle landed.

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