Florida residents are ready for marijuana legalization

Florida residents are ready for marijuana legalization

Local governments in Florida are going to implement reforms that will decriminalize marijuana. Local marijuana regulation will help alleviate much stricter sanctions imposed by the state government.

This summer, a county located in the southeastern part of the State of Florida, Miami Dade,has passed an ordinance according ti which the local police will have an option to treat marijuana possession as a civil infraction and not as a criminal offense. This kind of infraction will be punished only by a $100 fine.

The other state communities have decided to follow the Miami Dade’s lead. Miami Beach and Hallandale too have implemented analogous courses of action at various points in time this summer.

The authorities of Key West City intend to finalize identical policies until September, 2015, the lawmakers of the county of Palm Beach seem to have a similar intent. The marijuana decriminalization process is also starting to gather favor from the lawmakers in St. Petersburg.

This kind of modification of the local legislation has special significance for Florida, where the state authorities have repeatedly failed to consider marijuana legalization projects. The marijuana-related legislation in Florida is considered by some people to be extremely antiquated and even vengeful.

Florida is one of the leading states according to the number of arrests for marijuana possession. The total amount of the arrests is up to 65,000 per year. Well, the changes are coming.

Florida advocates want to achieve full decriminalization of marijuana.

According to the polls, more than 85% of residents in Florida support cannabis legalization for medical use and more than half of the Florida citizens think that it would be wise to allow to consume marijuana in small quantities for recreational use.

Judging by the results of the polls mentioned above it is obvious that the citizens of Florida are ready to change the old and inefficient system and replace it with a newer one, that will be better suited for the modern times.

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