Find Out Best Time to Harvest Weed

Find Out Best Time to Harvest Weed

Cannabis is a plant that does not depend on the season. Exactly for that the growers like it so much. The natural growth cycle of cannabis starts in spring when the farmers plant seeds, which develop branches over the next few months, becoming bushier and stronger until autumn, when flowers are cut down, dried, and trimmed before being sent to the shops.

Is there anything affecting the growth cycle of cannabis?

Differences in hemispheres make growers adapt to the conditions and find the best time for growing weed. In the northern hemisphere, seeds are usually planted from March to May. Harvesting time extends from September to November. In the southern hemisphere, everything is vice versa: planting is done in September-November, harvesting—in March-May. If you live in the tropics, then you are lucky as harvesting outdoor weed is possible anytime throughout the year. So, when you decide to grow weed, you should consider when and how to harvest marijuana effectively in your region so that you do not spoil everything.

Different strains mean different growing seasons?

Yes, it is definitely so, as the genetics of any cannabis strain have an impact on the growing season of the plant. Today the breeders create such cannabis varieties that simply adapt to the native habitat. In general, indicas stay short and take less time to flower than sativas, while equatorial sativas have a significantly longer flowering cycle and can die when grown too far from the Equator. Strains developed in cool areas will grow faster in the warm regions. Modern genetics create strains that are capable of bringing higher yields in extremely short periods of time.

How can cultivation techniques influence marijuana growth?

Various cultivation techniques, strategies, and experiences of the growers significantly affect the growing season of cannabis. Many farmers claim that the best time to plant cannabis is when the moon is waxing, and the best harvesting period is when the moon is waning. Some growers plant as late as possible as this strategy allows to grow small plants that are much easier to conceal from the authorities. As you can see, any decision you make will have an influence on the plant and your harvest.

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