Favorite Weed Strains of Hip-Hop Celebrities

Favorite Weed Strains of Hip-Hop Celebrities

Hip-hop has always been associated with marijuana. Maybe because of its euphoric effect or the creativity it sparks, marijuana remains something that brings the “sixth element” to the hip-hop stars. Fans always try to act and even look like their favorite artists. Now, thanks to the legalization of weed, they also have the opportunity to take a step closer to their idols and consume the same weed as their music heroes do. Keep reading and find out what kind of weed your favorite hip-hop singer appreciates the most.

Snoop Dogg

There is no other singer who embodies the relation of weed and hip-hop better than Snoop Dogg. However, he made a four-month break in 2003 when he abstained from smoking, but even that did not prevent him from returning to the world of marijuana and launching Merry Jane in 2015. It is a media platform for discussing the relations between the pot culture, business, politics, and health. When Snoop Dogg and Curren$y discussed which strains they like the most, Doggfather could not name just one, as each strain had different effects.

Favorite strains of Snoop Dogg are All Saints OG, Herijuana (by the way, it is the best strain for chilling at home), Girl Scout Cookies.

Whiz Khalifa

Unlike Snoop Dogg, Khalifa knows exactly what he likes the most, and it is Khalifa Kush. A bit funny, right? Unfortunately, the real Whiz Khalifa weed is unavailable to the public, but you can find an alternative strain with exactly the same effects, taste, and aroma: a lemon and pine smell with a cerebral effect—ideal for morning use. Out of all his songs, nearly 69% refer to weed. Whiz Khalifa confesses that he never feels sober because as soon as he wakes up, he gets high. Like any beginner entrepreneur in  the weed world, Khalifa has decided to use his reputation and passion for marijuana to start his own business—to launch “Khalifa Kush.” Why not something else? Because marijuana is the only drug that brings freedom according to the words of the hip-hop star.

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