Fascinating Facts About Cannabis That Every Novice Smoker Should Know

Fascinating Facts About Cannabis That Every Novice Smoker Should Know

Cannabis is probably the only plant in the world that is surrounded by so many stereotypes and prejudices. In the majority of countries worldwide, consuming weed is illegal, but in some states of the U.S., it is declared legal in some forms. This cannabis revolution led to a lot of controversy that caused new myths and rumors about marijuana. So, the main task of this unbiased list of facts about cannabis is to debunk many widespread delusions about it.

No. 4: You cannot consume all parts of the plant

Of course, you cannot pull the hemp plant out of the ground, dry it, and roll a giant joint. The name “marijuana” refers to dried leaves from the plant’s stem. When you hear such words as “cannabis,” “pot,” “weed,” or even “Mary Jane,” do not get confused: they all mean the same thing—marijuana.

When you inhale smoke from burning cannabis leaves or have some marijuana edibles, a special non-narcotic substance that is called tetrahydrocannabinol (also known as THC) “arrives” in your body. It launches the producing of such hormones as dopamine, serotonin, and of course,  norepinephrine in the brain. Cannabis enhances many sensual effects (from sedation to stimulation). It makes the smoker calm and relaxed by decreasing their sensitivity.

No. 3: 250 years ago weed was legal

In the 18th century, the U.S. was colonized by good old Britain that took active part in hemp trade. That is why every colony in North America had to produce a strict amount of hemp to meet British requirements. Just imagine: both Thomas Jefferson and George Washington owned giant hemp farms! Even the paper on which the Declaration of Independence was written was made of hemp.

No. 2: Nobody in history has died from consuming cannabis

Yes, it is true. Synthetic smoking drugs like K2 (spice) and alcohol are killing more and more people every year, but natural drugs are less aggressive. Moreover, scientific studies have recently proven that weed smokers are not in the lung cancer risk group. While cigarette smokers inhale big amounts of smoke, cannabis consumers inhale and exhale small portions of smoke and do not hold it in their lungs for a long time.

No.1: In some cities of Canada nobody pays attention to public pot smoking

This off-topic fact is here just to broaden your mind. In Canada, medical cannabis is considered to be a national miracle cure, so smoking weed in public will not surprise or annoy anyone. For example, in Ontario, the government allows consuming medical cannabis in different forms almost everywhere if you have a special recommendation from a doctor.

So, obviously, cannabis is not as harmful as it seems at first sight. Modern scientists claim that this plant has great medical potential, and American social activists are supporting pot legalization. So, what is the next step in the history of marijuana? We will know it very soon.

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