Fake Weed: Is It Wise to Experiment?

Fake Weed: Is It Wise to Experiment?

Synthetic cannabis, or fake weed, is used to mimic the feeling of high obtained from tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the main chemical element of weed. Products from synthetic marijuana are in great demand among people who are seeking for recreational marijuana alternatives. They usually look like leaves sprayed with specific laboratory-made chemicals. Synthetic marijuana products are usually wrapped in foil and labeled with “not intended for human consumption.” Fake weed has different names, like “spice,” “incense,” “potpourri.” Synthetic marijuana is not extracted from the weed plant, that is why using it is extremely dangerous.

Why is fake weed so dangerous?

Synthetic weed is considered more dangerous than natural marijuana because the substances the fake marijuana products are made of are not consistent and are regulated in a rather complicated way. There is no information for the consumers of fake weed about its compound, but it can be stated that the use of fake weed leads to dangerous side effects, such as:

– panic, anxiety, paranoia
– frequent thoughts about suicide
– hallucinations
– seizures and convulsions

The effects of fake weed are relatively similar to the effects of bath salts and other widespread synthetic drugs. That is the reason why synthetic weed products are forbidden in some U.S. states— both for personal needs and for trading.

Are there any penalties for synthetic marijuana use?

Spice crimes can be punished either by spending time in jail or fines. Possession of synthetic marijuana products can result in misdemeanor charges (up to one year in jail and fines up to $1000). However, growing and selling fake weed result in higher fines and a couple of years in jail. Each state has different penalties for fake weed. Some states have the charges called “imitation controlled substances” violations, which involve synthetic substances used as drugs. Criminal penalties for them are the same as for spice. Nevertheless, any offender has the right to get a lawyer and assert their rights. Nowadays, there are different defenses against synthetic weed charges and special criminal lawyers to help you.

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