Expired Edible Marijuana: Keep On Consuming or Throw Away?

Expired Edible Marijuana: Keep On Consuming or Throw Away?

When your cottage cheese starts to smell bad, you throw it away without any doubt. But what is necessary to do if you are dealing with edible cannabis? Scientists from Denver’s Department of Environmental Health shared some useful recommendations on what to do with expired edible marijuana.

Cannabis industry in Colorado is developing rapidly. This state is renowned for its scientific research of medical cannabis. Moreover, Colorado’s pot tourism is growing in popularity and attracting people from all around the world. No wonder that the government is trying to make the consumers of cannabis edibles aware of all marijuana peculiarities.

So, what happens to pot edibles after expiring? A number of different microorganisms begin to develop. They can cause mold on the product’s surface or slight difference in taste. But actually these organisms do not represent a great threat to our health, they are even more harmless than those that develop in expired milk. However, edible cannabis users claim that the difference in taste is obvious.

For many consumers, the THC level in the expired product is far more important than any difference in taste. The THC abbreviation means tetrahydrocannabinol, a special ingredient in cannabis that is responsible for the psychoactive effect. In other words, THC allows people to get high. Actually, reaching the expiration date can hardly affect the THC level. It influences only the product’s consistency, taste, and sometimes even smell.  

Stan Zislis, the founder of Silver Stem Fine Cannabis, revealed some secrets of pot business to consumers. Cannabis sellers in Colorado are not allowed to sell expired products. They pay close attention to storage conditions and expiration dates. If something is wrong with the product, it is destroyed according to governmental instructions.

You cannot afford tossing your edible cannabis in the trash like you do with milk that goes bad or vegetables that look unattractively since edible cannabis is much more expensive than dairy, for example. Only one dose can cost from 10 to 40 dollars! And if you hate wasting your money, just freeze your edibles. This simple trick will prevent the product from decaying. Consumers should always remember about expiration dates because this type of cannabis does not remain fresh for a long time.

The only radical difference between the new harvest edibles and expired ones is their consistency. So be careful with your teeth while chewing cannabis gummies.

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