Epilepsy seizures can be stopped by marijuana

Epilepsy seizures can be stopped by marijuana

8-year-old Mia Wilkinson was diagnosed with Ohtahara syndrome―a very rare type of epilepsy. The girl had severe seizures that a few times stopped the girl’s breathing. Mia’s parents had to bring her to a hospital as the usual treatments for epilepsy did not help. The seizures were so frequent that despite 40 anti-convulsive pills that she had to take every day, Mia could suffer up to a hundred attacks a day. According to the Epilepsy Research Program only 70 percent of people respond to the anti-convulsive pills.

Mia’s mother Alberta had to turn to cannabis in hopes that it will help her daughter.

A doctor from the local Children’s Hospital prescribed a cannabis essence that Alberta could extract from dry marijuana. She purchased the cannabis from a special grower with a license. The cannabis oil turned out to be the only remedy that helped with the epileptic attacks. Since Mia started using the oil from marijuana her seizures disappeared completely. THC turned out to be the component that helped to stop the epilepsy.

But soon, due to the policy of the provincial Health Services, the neurologist refused to renew the prescription. The local authorities did not approve the use of medical marijuana.

Alberta had to visit a doctor in St. Catharines in Ontario to get the prescription for her daughter. On Monday, the doctor examined her and gave a recipe for dried marijuana that Wilkinsons can buy from a federal producer. The Ontario Brain Institute plans to produce cannabidiolic medication in capsules and seeks the approval for a clinical trial. According to medical research programs, marijuana is a potential remedy not only for epilepsy but for a variety of other conditions as well. Of course, it will not help everybody, as well as it will not cure everything―marijuana is not a wonder drug.

The mother says that without marijuana Mia could have died after any seizure. Now, the whole family feels relieved.

Another child who has an intractable epilepsy has been saved by dried marijuana oil as well. Step-by-step his mother increased the dose of the oil which is high in CBD and the seizures disappeared for months. Is seems like a miracle for the whole family to see a happy 7-year-old boy on his seizure-free days.

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