Enjoy your vacation with these cannabis-friendly hotels

Enjoy your vacation with these cannabis-friendly hotels

With the legalization of cannabis, a traveling industry opens new opportunities for people who like weed. Cannabis friendly hotels are popping up all over the world. You might think that there are no other benefits in these hotels besides the permission to smoke pot. Actually, some rental hosts will even provide you with weed. In some hotels, the service staff leaves a joint on your pillow as a “welcoming gesture”. Other places offer a “4:20 happy hour”.

Our cannabis travel guide will highlight 3 most popular vacation places that you can visit without saying goodbye to your weed—whether you want to find a lush hotel or a budget getaway, all of them are comfortable.

The first country that comes to mind is Jamaica — how can we forget about the place where ganja is so dear to the heart of the locals? In case you are looking for a splendid hotel, you definitely should visit Windfall Villas. This estate is a tropical paradise with authentic recreation services. If you are looking for a place with a reasonable price, book a private house in Montego bay. They are usually located near a community beach so you have an opportunity to mingle with locals. It is the place where the service staff will provide you with cannabis.

After the legalization of marijuana in Uruguay, the country became the best place for recreational cannabis. Casa Stefanio is situated near Oceania del Polonio and offers gorgeous apartments with spacious decks. Another apartment-style rental is situated in the center of Montevideo. Casa Sarandi offers inexpensive cannabis-friendly accommodations that are located not far from the center of the city’s nightlife.

Do you like nature in its wilderness or enjoy breathtaking landscapes? In Alaska, you can both enjoy the nature and be free in your weed-loving. Bear Creek lodge is located on the Kenai Peninsula and it offers rental cabins. Here you can enjoy a mix of cannabis and music spreading across the Chugach National Forest. The location is family-friendly, so you can relax here with your loved ones.

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