Elementary Guide: How to Pass Hair Drug Test Successfully

Elementary Guide: How to Pass Hair Drug Test Successfully

If you have to pass a hair drug test, do not panic. Many weed regulars worry how to pass a hair follicle drug test successfully, that is why we have prepared a simple recommendation with general information about the methods of detoxification and the test itself. So, here are four ways commonly used to clean your hair follicles.

Shave all your hair off

Usually, drugs need approximately 7 days to reach your hair. It means that if you shave your whole body, you will get 5-6 days worth of hair without the drug contents. For example, you smoke some weed on Sunday, then shave your body on Monday. This means that on Friday, you will have a little bit of hair. That hair will not contain drug particles, but on Saturday, they will start to become present.

Wash your hair with lemon juice or bleach it

This method belongs to home cures. And let us just tell you—they do not work. Sure, lemon juice is a great purging operator, but its effect is insufficient for passing a drug test. It may work for light hair clients, but we would not recommend taking that chance. The same goes for bleaching. Besides, if you come to the drug test with bleached hair, you will be immediately blamed for using weed. So, as you can see, both these methods are not advisable.

Detox shampoo

Detox shampoo was designed for wiping the toxins and prescribed drugs out of hair follicles. Because of its acid base, toxins are annihilated without damaging your hair. But be aware of fake detox shampoos. Most of them fall flat as they cannot get into the hair follicle, where THC is present.

Muds and other solutions

On the cosmetics market, you can find a lot of mud cleansers and various washes that are designed to cover the remains of drugs in your hair. These techniques are useless. Do not compromise your job or even your freedom by choosing to go this way. The point is in trying to prevent the testing system from getting into your hair follicle by setting up a hindrance. While some people have succeeded, others have lost everything they had or have been sent to prison because they counted on these shady techniques.

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