Election 2016: Opinions of Presidential Candidates About Marijuana Legalization

Election 2016: Opinions of Presidential Candidates About Marijuana Legalization

Does the date April 20 tell you anything? For some Americans, there is nothing remarkable about it, but for others, it is a special day when people celebrate all things related to the marijuana culture and, of course, in such a way, they honor the memory of those boys who were the founders of 420. Whether you are a great marijuana enthusiast, or you think that it is nothing but evil, the question of marijuana legalization concerns everyone. Due to the fact that on Nov. 8, all Americans will have to cast their votes in the presidential elections, we have gathered the opinions of some candidates on the legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational use.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton supports marijuana legalization but still does not act on it and stays neutral, probably waiting for the “real game” to start. In March 2016, Clinton claimed that she absolutely supported the states that had already legalized cannabis for medical use. More than that, she believes that marijuana has to be and will be reclassified as a Schedule II drug. It will extend the list of conditions allowed to be treated with marijuana. Will you vote for Clinton?

Donald Trump

It is no wonder that Trump’s opinion about marijuana legalization changes seven days per week. In 1990, Trump had an interview with Miami Herald, in which he solemnly declared that all drugs, including marijuana, have to be legalized. Later, his opinion changed dramatically, and he strongly opposed the legalization of recreational marijuana. However, legalization of medical marijuana, in his view, is something that definitely has to happen.

John Kasich

This former presidential candidate is strongly opposed to marijuana legalization. However, he recently made an interesting declaration. In February 2016, during a town hall meeting, Kasich said that he could consider legalizing medical marijuana. Kasich also suggests that it would be unwise to challenge local marijuana legalization laws of each individual state.

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