Effects of Marijuana on Brain and Body

Effects of Marijuana on Brain and Body

The main chemical component of marijuana is tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC). According to the published research of the Potency Monitoring Project, since 1972, the average amount of THC has increased from 1% to 13%. Such potency makes it difficult to define the short- and long-term effects of weed.

How can we consume marijuana?

In 2010, the national survey showed that almost 17,4 million Americans had smoked marijuana. Besides, marijuana is classified as the most commonly used illegal drug. Nearly 4 in 10 Americans have smoked weed at least once in their lives. Marijuana is usually rolled into cigarettes, joints, and blunts. And how you are getting high? Smoking releases THC, which is immediately absorbed into your blood through lungs. Other ways of using marijuana are glass pipes, bongs, and bubblers. There is something else you should know. Nowadays, smoking weed is just one of the ways to consume it. Cannabis can also be consumed in the form of food, which is known as edibles. Aside from the famous “pot brownies,” you can add marijuana to different foods, like candy, ice cream, and even butter. Besides, you can also find liquid marijuana drinks, like tea, soda, or milk. Other forms of marijuana are capsules, oral sprays, and oils. Today, you can try the newest method of inhaling marijuana—vaporizing. You have probably seen vaporizing pens and e-cigarettes designed specially for cannabis. When heated at low temperatures, the plant releases oils and extracts. Some studies assume that vaporized cannabis does not contain much besides cannabinoids, which makes it healthier than smoking.

Effects of marijuana on mind and body

Cannabis affects the same centers in the brain that are also responsible for pleasure, just like heroin and alcohol do. Depending on the quality of weed, the amount you consume, and the method you use, marijuana produces different feelings, from euphoria to hyperactivity. However, you should take into account that smoking marijuana causes the same respiratory diseases as tobacco smoking does. Besides, marijuana raises your heart rate and affects you for at least three hours. Marijuana addiction is observed among 9% of all cannabis users.

So, before you decide to experience weed, think about the side effects and consequences. Is it worth it?

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