Effects of Marijuana on Brain and Body

Effects of Marijuana on Brain and Body

Nowadays, there are a lot of rumors about the medical properties of marijuana, CBD in particular. Some speculations even say that cannabis oil treats cancer. But you probably want some scientific proof to believe in this “magical” marijuana, right? Let us see if we can help you with that.

Cannabis and ceramide

The life cycle of any cancer cell is managed by interconvertible sphingolipids. The process that goes on inside the cell is called “sphingolipid rheostat.” It controls the balance of the endogenous ceramide. If the level of ceramide in the cancer cell is too high, the cell stops its life cycle, and if the ceramide level is decreasing, the cancer cell spreads and becomes stronger. When a patient consumes cannabis, the THC connects to the CB1 and CB2—the cannabinoid receptors that are located throughout the entire human body. When THC compounds reach the receptors that are close to cancer cells, it makes the cells generate ceramide. As you already know, the increase of the ceramide level causes the death of the cancer cell. So, using a therapeutic amount of marijuana simply helps ceramide do its work properly and more effectively. For now, it is impossible to classify marijuana as a cure for cancer, but it may provide some help to a cancer patient.

Influence of medical marijuana on the immune system

Many people think that when the human body gets damaged, it is the immune system that activates and heals the body. Actually, it is the endocannabinoid system, which covers all the human cells and nerves, and every time a person gets an injury, it directs the immune system to fix it. Marijuana is able to activate CB1 and CB2 receptors, which are responsible for connections with the CNS and the immune system. Both sativa and indica strains stimulate the immune system to work more efficiently and direct the immune cells to get rid of the cancer cells.

THC and CBD synergy in destroying cancer

THC is a marijuana compound that interacts with CB1 and CB2 receptors, while CBD kills the pain and suppresses the side-effects of weed, like tachycardia, intoxication, and others. Not so long ago, the scientists published a study, which clearly showed that THC had did not work on its own, and it was CBD that increased the effectiveness of the THC activity. By the way, it is due to CBD that you can use high doses of THC.

For now, patients still cannot perceive marijuana as the only remedy for cancer. So far, doctors only prescribe it with other medications.

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