Easy Weed-Growing Tutorial

Easy Weed-Growing Tutorial

Decided to grow some weed but do not know where to start? Do not lose hope, as here is a cool instruction on growing weed for beginners! As any activity at its very beginning, growing weed indoors needs an initial capital. Soil is the cheapest and simplest way to start. Here are a few recommendations we think will be useful for any enthusiastic beginner.

Choose a place to grow

The most significant factor in getting successful results from weed growing is finding a proper place. The right place will rescue you from potential stress that may occur if the weed stops growing in the middle of the cycle. We would like to recommend you the places with 100% weed growing success: bathroom, garage, basement, shed, under the stairs, closet.

Pot vs. tent

As you already know where to grow weed, you have to decide in what you will grow it. Depending on the place, there are two options: to buy a special tent or use pots. The easiest variant is definitely a tent, as they have a huge range of shapes and sizes. Another way to grow weed is to use pots. Find the biggest pot you have and put it in the growing place. Remember, the bigger the pot is, the bigger the plants will be. Proceed from the fact that one plant needs a 7-gallon pot.


So, you have already decided where and in what to grow the weed. Now it is time to take care of the soil. The better soil you get, the richer the harvest will be, as plants will take all the nutrients from the soil.


Nowadays it is very simple to find marijuana seeds, but to find seeds of excellent quality is a more complicated task. We recommend you a seed bank, such as Crop King Seeds, Nirvana Seeds, etc. You may buy seeds online, sitting on your favorite sofa and drinking coffee.


As you have hidden your plants indoors, you need the lights, right? You may use either high-pressure sodium lights or LED or metal halide lights. The choice will depend on your budget and the complexity of the room.

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