Easiest Way of Making Weed Tea

Easiest Way of Making Weed Tea

Do you feel any itching or uncomfortableness in your throat the next day after smoking? Do you have a full bag of weed stems but have no idea what to do with them except to throw them away as garbage? We have found a solution to both these problems! In this article, we are going to show you how to make weed tea from stems.

The weed tea recipe, like any other recipe, requires ingredients, right? So, take approximately a palm full of stems and grind them. You may use a hand grinder or a coffee grinder to do that, but if you do not have the appropriate equipment, you can use your hand to break them in very small pieces. A tea infuser is also a great option for grinding the stems. If you do not have it, make sure you do not grind the weed so small that you get a powder because later you will use a coffee filter to filter out the plant material. Next, we take three cups of water and one cup of milk (either whole or half-and-half) and bring this mixture to a boil. THC will not bind to water alone, that is why we need dairy.

Of course, if you want to get a simple MJ flavor of tea, you may use water, but to receive the best from your stems, do not be afraid to use milk. As soon as the water starts boiling, reduce the heat to the lowest level. If you find a tea infuser and some leaf tea, that will be great! Mix three spoons of tea with your weed stems. Try to find plain black tea, as it tastes better with milk than green tea or the one with supplements. We recommend using English Breakfast Tea or Chai. Do not use Earl Grey, as it creates a fruity flavor that clashes with the MJ taste. Put it in the already filled infuser and let the tea brew for 10 minutes. If you do not have a tea infuser or leaf tea, you still have an opportunity to get an amazing weed tea high. The only thing you need for that is a bit more effort. Put your broken weed stems in the boiling water, then add two tea bags. Once again, use only black tea! Give it three minutes to brew and then strain the tea through the coffee filter. If you did not succeed in your attempts to find a filter, use a paper towel instead. Making weed tea, be sure that you are ready for the extreme high you are about to feel!

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