Easiest Cannabis Oil Recipe

Easiest Cannabis Oil Recipe

The first question that may appear in your head when you hear about cannabis oil is “what cannabis oil actually is?”. Rick Simpson, a medical marijuana activist, proved that cannabis oil has great medicinal properties, including the ability to treat cancer. However, you should keep in mind that cannabis oil is illegal in many states of the USA and the majority of countries worldwide. So, before starting your research on how to make cannabis oil, be sure you are not breaking any rules. Keep reading to see the easiest step-by-step cannabis oil recipe.

Step 0: Preparation. You need a solvent. The best option is to get a pure light naphtha with a boiling point at up to 80°C, but if you do not have it, you may use 99% isopropyl alcohol. For those who avoid chemicals, organic ethanol or grain alcohol will be a great solution. In this case, be ready to wait for a month before the organic ethanol is mixed with the plant material.

Step 1. Place the solvent oil mix in a deep bucket, dampen the buds and start crashing them using a 2×2 wooden stick for three to four minutes. When you have finished, add more solvent to cover the bud material completely.

Step 2. Repeat step 1 using fresh solvent.

Step 3. Take clean water containers and pour the solvent-oil mix in them using a large coffee filter.

Step 4. Now the filtered oil solvent is ready to be boiled. Note: if you used medical marijuana buds of high quality, the solvent mix should look like gasoline or a bit darker.

Step 5. Use a rice cooker to burn off the solvent. You may set the temperature to no more than 230°F to facilitate the process of decarboxylation. Fill the rice cooker three-quarters with the solvent-oil mix and start boiling. Do not forget to use a ventilation hood because if the solvent fumes contact the heating element, they will ignite.

Step 6. To have the solvent boiled off, add 10 drops of water to the mix.

Step 7. When the rice cooker turns off, pour the oil in a steel cup and put it on a coffee warmer to get rid of the rest of the water.

Step 8. After the water has completely evaporated, allow the oil to cool a bit and then pour it into any plastic syringe.

Cannabis oil is ready for use, enjoy!

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