Dutch Blunt Tutorial

Dutch Blunt Tutorial

After reading this cool tutorial, you will master the skill of creating a weed blunt that will make you proud. Get ready to make your blunt only in 28 seconds, just like a professional roller! If you are ready to learn, check the instructions below.

Step 1. Cut and Remove

If you still have doubts about how to smoke a blunt right, you had better not waste your time on making a Dutch blunt. The process is very challenging, and any wrong or careless movement can turn into the last one. If you have enough courage and willing, then take the Dutch and cut it very carefully right down the middle. Do not overdo it, as you can cut so deep that the blunt will become sliced in half. As you have finished with cutting the Dutch, get rid of its contents throwing them into the garbage bin. Do not forget to cut off the rounded end of your blunt to make sure that the blunt will not close up while you are rolling it. Before you are ready to smoke a blunt, verify that you have licked the blunt edges to seal up any rips.

Step 2. Time to fill the blunt up

This step is the most fun, as it is time to add weed! Grind up the weed that you want to use, or if you do not have the appropriate equipment, you may use your hands to break the weed as thoroughly as you can. There are always doubts about how much weed is in a blunt. Actually, it depends on the size of the blunt you want to have as a result. If you desire to get an average blunt, then take about 0,4-0,5 g of weed; if you admire the big-sized blunts, take 1,2 g of weed material. All you should do is fill up the empty Dutch with weed very closely across the whole blunt. Do not be afraid to put too much weed, it will be even better for you, as you will not have to think about the possibility of the blunt collapsing while you smoke it.

Step 3. Time to get high

To roll the Dutch correctly, start by folding and rolling it upward. Tuck its shorter side around the cannabis and continue to roll. DO NOT pinch the ends of the blunt shut, as when the smoking time ends, you will have a very rough experience. After you have finished, run a lighter along the blunt to make it a bit dry. Now it is time to spark it and get the pleasure you wanted.

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