Donald Trump becomes a menace to mexican drug cartel

Donald Trump becomes a menace to mexican drug cartel

Donald Trump, the eccentric American businessman and probable Republican presidential candidate, may have to be more selective about messages he delivers in his speeches. Not known for his tolerance to any kind of minorities, Trump recently drew his attention to Mexican immigrants, almost calling them one of the causes of drug addiction in the U.S., whose purpose is solely to smuggle illegal drugs into the country. The billionaire went further in his accusations and blamed Mexican officials, who, due to their corruption, let loose one of the most renowned drug criminals, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, head of the Sinaloa Cartel.

Guzman, whose recent escape from high security prison just outside Mexico City really seems to be staged by Hollywood screenplay writers, was quick to react to the politician’s charges, and allegedly wrote in his twitter that Trump should watch his mouth before spitting any rhetoric against the Cartel.

A twitter account titled @ElChap0Guzman, published a message stating “Keep screwing [with us] and I’m going to make you eat your f***ing words you lousy white f***t”. While the authenticity of this account has not been confirmed, Donald apparently took the threat seriously, as he turned to the FBI to deal with the matter. Investigation is currently under way, although some independent analytics suggest that the tweet was most likely published by an imposter.

Some critics go even further and theorize that the threat may be a well-staged part of Trump’s political campaign. Resembling the image of an implacable guardian of true American values, Donald Trump would be the likely foe to drug organized crime, should he ever end up in the Oval Office. A bit of anti-drug-criminal PR would certainly not hurt him as a candidate.

However, certain sources close to Trump suggest that there may be more to it than merely a marketing move. According to one of his assistants, Donald took measures to ensure and increase his personal security, as well as drawing his utmost attention to the course of the FBI investigation. Whether fake or not, the threat apparently got him seriously. Never before an American political figure of Trump’s scale has been openly threatened by a drug lord, so no one can really blame him. Time will show if Donald Trump gets more cautious with his incriminating speeches due to the fact of this threat.

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