Does Marijuana Have a Psychedelic Effect?

Does Marijuana Have a Psychedelic Effect?

If we ask any random person—for example, an unfamiliar pedestrian walking down the street in our neighborhood,—what is the drug they hear about most frequently, we bet the answer will be the same, no matter how many times and in which parts of the world we recreate this small social experiment: cannabis. It is smoked, ingested, and even chewed worldwide by a wide range of people of different origins and ages.

In spite of the huge popularity of weed, not everybody is aware of the fact that marijuana is actually a psychoactive drug that has a drastic effect on every system of our body. Pot consists of more than 400 different chemical substances that together result in serious but never long lasting mood shifts and health changes.

Cannabis aims directly at the central nervous system, altering our perception, consciousness, mood, and behavior in a very fragile, imperceptible way. Marijuana’s first effect is similar to a cup of coffee we consume or a small amount of alcohol we drink during a party. It is used both for physical and spiritual purposes—it either boosts your mood, makes you feel alive, or touches the deepest strings of your soul and awakens your creativity, causing a slight depressive feeling at the same time. So, it is obvious that marijuana does have a psychedelic effect—it refers to your brain functions, which is the main criterion for this category of drugs.

The way you feel after weed consumption depends on what kind of cannabis you have chosen.

There are two types of marijuana—Sativa and Indica. Not only do they have different names, they also work differently. That is why it is worth learning how to tell them apart. The visual difference between Indica and Sativa is that the first plant is wide and short while the second plant is thin and tall. These major types of weed affect the body in two opposite psychoactive ways. Indica ensures a pleasant relaxation, sleepiness, and a deep couch-potato state. When consuming Sativa, one should be ready for a huge energy rush and an uplifting effect. Consider which one is the best option for you taking into account your current individual state of health and mood.

Someone who has already decided he irretrievably wants to take marijuana does not have the right to forget about the most important fact: it is an illicit action in many countries, and there is a good reason for that—the substance may be hazardous if not used wisely. So it would be smart to consult your doctor first before bringing this powerful stimulant and antidepressant into your life.

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