Do You Need to Stop Smoking Pot When You Are Sick?

Do You Need to Stop Smoking Pot When You Are Sick?

Most cannabis users are aware that weed can be helpful in treating a large number of ailments. The herb is often used as a natural medicine for numerous conditions, from a common headache to muscle strain, helping people get significant pain relief. But what about catching cold or the flu? Do you need to stop consuming weed when you are sick? Here is what you should know about marijuana and this common illness.

Smoking weed when you are sick might not be the best idea. It is not because of cannabis itself, but the process of smoking.

When you smoke a joint or use a bong, your lungs are irritated by the toxins present in the burnt herb. It may worsen the inflammation, increase the amount of mucus, and exaggerate the symptoms of bronchitis.

Early research shows that cannabis can suppress your immune system, which is the last thing you need during a cold or flu. The herb is known for its ability to manage such symptoms as pain, congestion, and upset stomach. However, it does not look like weed can help you recover from flu more quickly.

Nevertheless, many people use pot to ease their flu symptoms and go about their day. The thing is, most cold medicines will not help you recover either; they will just mask your symptoms. So, is it not a good idea to replace them with natural treatment? Below there are just a few tricks to make sure you are getting the most out of your weed when you are sick.

1. Use a Vaporizer With Clean Water

Early research shows that THC, the main psychoactive component of marijuana, is a powerful bronchodilator. However, you will need to use a mouth spray or a vaporizer rather than smoke a joint to find relief.  The best vaporizer you can use is a vape with a glass water attachment. Using clean and warm water with a steamy vapor might feel soothing on your sore throat.

2. Try Mild Products

It is better to start with mild strains and products to find out how they affect your condition. In high doses, THC can cause headaches, which will make you feel even worse. A perfect choice in this case is a CBD-rich product, such as cannabis tea or CBD-infused honey.

3. Combine Weed With Vitamins and Healthy Diet

Taking more vitamins may be a good way to improve your health if you get sick. Make sure you have added leafy greens, vegetables, and citrus fruit or smoothies to your everyday menu.

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