Dispensary Jobs

Dispensary Jobs

As cannabis has already become legal for medical and recreational use in a number of American states, the marijuana industry is constantly growing and creating new jobs for many people these days. There is still a high demand for weed trimming jobs, but there are also many positions that go beyond marijuana growing and harvesting.

Marijuana farmsmedical and recreational centers, retail stores, and other businesses—all of them need different professionals that are not even necessarily associated with the marijuana industry, such as accountants, web developers, marketers, auditors, security, glass merchants, and others.

Most jobs are in the medical marijuana sector as it is larger than the recreational one. Nevertheless, as the recreational cannabis customer base expands, the recreational sector also has a need for qualified employees.

People looking for dispensary jobs are required to have substantial knowledge of the strains, the use of different cannabis products, and their effects.

Here are only some of the jobs that have been created by the marijuana industry and can be used by various specialists to make money and build a career.

Bud trimmer

In spite of being the hardest and lowest-paying job in the marijuana industry, bud trimming is a good start; it is an opportunity to learn the peculiarities of the business and work your way up. In a medical dispensary, a trimmer cuts buds from cannabis plants and shapes them with scissors.


The task of this employee is to help a customer select strains, concentrates or edibles according to the effects the buyer is looking for. A budtender must have good knowledge of marijuana and its products.


The marijuana industry cannot exist without farmers. It is not easy to grow weed. A person doing this job needs to take many factors into account, have time and money, employ modern techniques to cultivate a good product, and be ready to face the risks that can arise.

Concentrates processor

This job is becoming very promising as the popularity of concentrates grows rapidly. Concentrates can be of great value for medical weed patients, but the process of creating them is rather dangerous. A person applying for this job must possess good knowledge of chemistry and be skilled in laboratory work.


A reviewer is a person preparing reviews and information about cannabis strains for different websites. This information is very important both for ordinary marijuana smokers and medical patients in need of high-THC strains, so a reviewer is basically a dream position.

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