Dispelling Myths About Weed: 9 Stereotypes That Are Not True

Dispelling Myths About Weed: 9 Stereotypes That Are Not True

Years of social propaganda against weed have achieved the goal. Human imagination links a lot of stereotypes to marijuana. But actually, a lot of them were born because of rumors and prejudices. However, they have never been confirmed scientifically! So, in order to keep the novice consumers fully informed, we have prepared a list of 9 facts about cannabis that are completely untrue.

Myth #1: “Cannabis will make me stupid”

During numerous scientific experiments with medical cannabis, the plant did not demonstrate any effect on human cognitive abilities. In other words, weed does not destroy our brain cells. So, answer “no” with confidence to a silly question “Does smoking weed make you stupid?”.

Myth #2: “The munchie mood and the giggle mood are not real”

Indeed, after smoking sessions, you crave some unhealthy nutritious snacks. But outbursts of giggling usually come after consuming Cannabis Sativa, but not Indica.

Myth #3: “George Washington owned a giant marijuana plantation”

No, he actually possessed a hemp plantation as hemp trade was very popular in the 18th century. This crop was used for making fabrics and even paper, but it was not considered to be a drug.

Myth #4: “It is easy to give up smoking pot”

It is easy (especially for newcomers), as cannabis does not cause addiction. But on the other hand, quitting is a very challenging task for heavy smokers.

Myth #5: “Sex in a high state is unforgettable”

Actually, cannabis can affect your sex drive in a very unusual way. It can lower or even demolish your desire to make love. But experienced smokers claim that sex after smoking is much more exciting.

Myth #6: “The rule of 30 days is real”

Many novice weed users are told that pot stays in our body for more than 30 days. This is true if you smoke or eat cannabis every day! In reality, it is gone after two or three days after consuming.

Myth #7: “If you eat raw weed, you will be very high”

Nope, it is totally false. Only pot edibles can make you feel high as they are prepared in a special way. Raw leaves can cause indigestion.

Myth #8: “It is all the same”

In fact, marijuana has its own sorts, just like tea or coffee. They can even cause different effects. For example, Sativa is a great energizer, and Indica calms you down and makes you relaxed.

Myth #9: “Marijuana users are in the cancer risk group”

Cannabis has been recently used as an experimental treatment of cancer. Weed is not as harmful to your lungs as tobacco is.
Now you know a little bit more about cannabis. Consume this plant sensibly, and it will provide you with the experience of a lifetime.

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