Discover Latest Flavor Sensation: Honey Weed Blunt

Discover Latest Flavor Sensation: Honey Weed Blunt

Today, when cannahoney is gaining more and more popularity every day, the combination of weed and honey does not seem so weird anymore but instead becomes a new trend in the world of marijuana enthusiasts. The reason this mix is so in demand lies in its delicious taste and strong medical benefits. So, the stoners have one more ingredient they can use to roll an amazing and extremely potent weed blunt! Cannahoney is a unique product that combines the healthful properties of both cannabis and honey.

The creator of cannahoney has proved that his invention doubles the medical properties of marijuana. It goes without saying that cannahoney is one of the best choices of weed edible, but there is also another way to get the most of this product—a simple honey weed blunt. Do not be afraid that honey will spoil your smoke, it is impossible. Quite the contrary, you will get a sweet, long-lasting, and enjoyable experience. Use the following instructions to make a honey weed blunt extremely easily and quickly.

Step 1. The first and most important thing you have to do is find a paper filter for your blunt. Choose any filter you like, for example, a cardboard filter or a cone filter, and start folding the tip of the pre-creased spots back and forth. After you have finished, roll the rest of the paper. After that, re-roll it. And voila—your filter is ready!

Step 2. Fill the rolling paper with marijuana and make sure that your raw material is well ground. To save weed from falling out, keep the paper open but curved. Add a filter and roll these parts together.

Step 3. This step will definitely remind you of sealing an envelope—you need to lick and stick your blunt.

Step 4. Now you are about to do the most exciting and delicious part of making a honey weed blunt. It is time to spread honey over the blunt. It will be even better if you bathe the blunt in it. But you do remember that you have to hold it, right? That is why leave some part of the blunt clean so that your fingers and everything around you will not be sticky. Take into account that the more honey you use, the tastier your blunt will be.

You are done! Now just light your roll and get pleasure from the sweet honey weed blunt!

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