Dime of Weed and Other Weights

Dime of Weed and Other Weights

How many grams in a dime, quarter, pound, or eighth is there? This is the question that all marijuana smokers ask themselves at some point. We are used to these weights of weed and do not even question them, but in fact, there is a reasonable science behind them. Unless you carry scales in your pocket, you might face a situation when you need to use your peepers to weigh a certain amount of marijuana. It is always a good idea to be a smart buyer and make sure that you are not deceived in the shop. Do not forget that density plays a huge role in identifying the visual amount of cannabis. Below you will find the common weights of marijuana and the idea of what they should look like.

Dime bag

When you ask how many grams in a dime bag you will find, you will not get a straight answer. A dime bag does not have a certain amount of weed in it. A dime is how much weed is worth $10. The amount of marijuana you receive for that $10 depends on the quality of cannabis.


What does a gram of pot look like? Usually, a gram of marijuana is a little bigger than a bottle cap. How long can you use a gram of weed? Actually, a gram is the smallest amount of cannabis one would purchase. It is normal to buy a gram for a single bowl or a joint for 2-3 friends.


An eighth is 3.5 grams of marijuana. This amount is 1/8 of an ounce, according to its namesake. Remember what a Ziploc bag looks like? So, an eighth of weed takes up the bottom of it. How long will an eighth of marijuana last? For frequent marijuana smokers, an eighth of weed is a great amount. The majority of marijuana smokers prefer to buy exactly an eighth of pot instead of a larger amount as that way they have the ability to switch between the strains with different tastes regularly. Going to roll joints with your friends over the weekend? An eighth is a great choice.

Quarter (7 grams)

A quarter, as you could already guess, is ¼ of an ounce, and visually it takes up the entire bottom of a Ziploc bag plus some more. For those who smoke weed every day, a quarter will last for a week.

Half (14 grams)

It is ½ of an ounce and usually takes up half of a Ziploc bag. A regular smoker can use it for two weeks.

An ounce and pound of weed are 28 and 448 grams of weed correspondingly.

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