Different Ways to Use Weed

Different Ways to Use Weed

The method you choose for consuming marijuana will have a huge impact on the effects you will get. When people hear anything about cannabis, the only thing they associate it with is smoking. Well, it is quite an outdated opinion. Nowadays, marijuana enthusiasts have a wide range of interesting and absolutely unique ways to consume weed. Which one is the best for you? The answer is different for each of us, but here are five ways to use cannabis you can consider.


It is no wonder that smoking cannabis is the most widespread method. There is clear evidence that our ancestors used this way 3,000 years ago! All you need to have is the necessary amount of dried flowers or leaves of marijuana and a bong, pipe, or joint. The best ways to smoke weed are different for everybody, so you will have to explore to find your own. Smoking weed is a quite cheap way, but it is very unhealthy comparing to other methods. The combustion of marijuana plant produces carcinogens that have a negative effect on the human body and may cause cancer.


The general idea of vaporizing is heating the cannabis up to a certain temperature at which THC and other cannabinoids turn into vapor. This method is healthier than smoking weed. There is no combustion, which means the absence of toxins and harmful substances. More than that, vaporizing weed can be a nice, discreet way to use marijuana. No smell—no suspicion.


This way is definitely the tastiest one! More than that, you can receive lots of positive emotions from cooking your favorite food, for instance, marijuana-infused brownies, cookies, or even pizza! Although the process of cooking may take 1-2 hours, you will get a stronger and longer-lasting high (up to 8 hours). The absolute advantage of edibles is that you can store them in the fridge as long as you want to. But be careful and do not consume too many edibles at once as it may cause the feeling of anxiety.


Simply put, topicals are marijuana-infused products that are intended for applying to the skin surface. You will never get high using this method, but you will find instant relief from skin diseases.


A tincture is a liquid substance with concentrated THC. It is quite difficult to make it, but it is worth it as you can add tincture to any food you like.

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