Different Ways to Smoke Weed

Different Ways to Smoke Weed

Smoking weed is becoming mainstream in all states of America, so is vaporizing and dabbing. In addition, more and more people are joining the marijuana community in search of extraordinary feelings or simple relaxation. As there are a lot of beginners in this sphere, we have decided to make a small guide for beginners on how to smoke weed.

First-time experience

Smoking marijuana for the first time? That is OK. Everybody does it, from Snoop Dog to President Obama. Whatever strain you choose, you should follow the next instructions:

– do not push weed on someone, even if it is for medical purposes;
– never mix marijuana with alcohol and other drugs; experience only weed, nothing extra;
– take your time when smoking weed for the first time;
– be sure that you have supplies of food and music as they bring extreme pleasure when you are stoned;
– if you notice that you feel a bit paranoid, just stay cool, it is one of marijuana’s tricks.

Things you can use to smoke weed

For the first smoking experience, we recommend you to roll a joint. It is simple in use, there is nothing difficult about making it, and its greatest benefit is that it will not shatter if you suddenly drop it onto the tiled floor. If you need clarity of mind when smoking weed, then marijuana pipe is what you can use to experience overwhelming feelings.

How to smoke a joint?

Rolling a joint is a very simple process, but its correct lighting needs much more effort. Slowly spin your joint when lighting it and make sure that it is completely lightened before you start making puffs.

How to smoke marijuana from pipe/bowl?

If you think you simply need to drop weed in a bowl, light it, and inhale, you are wrong. Well, there are a few tips you may use to ensure the success of the process. First of all, grind your weed using a coffee grinder or just your hands. It will help your weed burn evenly. And remember: never use a white lighter.

How to smoke a blunt?

It is almost the same as smoking a joint, but instead of the usual rolling paper used to make a joint, blunt is wrapped in tobacco paper, so you will not just get high and taste weed but get the tobacco effect as well.

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