Different Types of Drug Dealers and Places to Look for Them

Different Types of Drug Dealers and Places to Look for Them

No matter where you decide to try a new strain of marijuana, you will always run into one of these five types of drug dealers. Here are the stereotypes formed a long time ago due to the observations of marijuana enthusiasts. Find your dealer’s type.

The Pushy Dealer

The highest possibility of meeting such type of drug dealers appears when you purchase weed outside your location. It means that you have a deal with a person you have never seen before and will never see again. Before the deal is over, this guy will have told you his phone number three times and have had you call him so he can save your phone number in his device. Half of such dealer’s sentences will end with “be sure to hit me up,” so do not be surprised. Besides, pushy dealers always try to get as much money from you as possible, so take money only for the dose you have agreed on. The reason is that they understand they will never see you again and will not have the opportunity to take all of your money again.

The Shady Dealer

Every marijuana enthusiast has faced such type of a dealer at least once. When you first contact him, he will not even sound like he has it. When you get to the meeting spot with such a dealer, do not be surprised if he appears out of nowhere like a ninja warrior, it is OK. Besides, they are extremely terse, so do not say too much too, just give your money and walk away. Some people even call such dealers owls at midnight as they always look around for cops.

The One That Wants to Become Your Buddy

Such weed dealers are those whom you meet for a single reason—to get pot—but they think you are pretty awesome and want to hang out with you. You know, everyone has at least one friend who is a drug dealer, but it does not mean that you have to be every dealer’s buddy.

The Quiet Dealer

Well, this category of dealers is the most mysterious one. Every time you meet them, they act absolutely different, so you may even get confused. No “hi” or “bye”. Great strategy, though it is a bit creepy.

The Dealer Who Is Always Late

Such dealers have some distinctive features. The most surprising one is that they never call you back even if they promised. If they tell you the meeting time, triple it, and you will never miss.

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