Different Strains of Weed

Different Strains of Weed

Today’s market impresses us with different weed strains that have a distinct variety of effects on the human body. Experienced marijuana smokers start having specific preferences after they have fully developed their own taste for cannabis. If you are just entering this world, we are here to help you form your own view, acquire preferences, and have an awesome experience.

Cannabis Varieties

Generally, cannabis can be divided into four main categories: sativa, indica, hybrids, and ruderalis. Let us examine each of them in detail.

– Cannabis Ruderalis. This type of cannabis hardly contains any THC, and that is why it is usually called “hemp” or “wild hemp.” Those who use marijuana recreationally will have no interest in buying ruderalis and can skip to the next one right now.

– Cannabis Indica. When you hear the word “indica,” you should imagine a short but thick bushy plant that has relaxing and calming effects. It provides you with a special “high”: light numbness and freedom of mind. However, sativas have a side-effect known as “couch-lock”—numbness and desire to sleep that make even the simplest tasks seem extremely difficult, for instance, standing up. That is why it is important to find the right dosage to avoid this condition. The best time for smoking indica strains is evening, as they will help you forget about your hard day and relieve your muscle tension. However, if you smoke indica in the daytime, you will not be able to do anything useful due to low productivity and drowsiness.

– Cannabis Sativa. This plant needs lots of space to grow as it can grow to be 25 feet high in perfect growing conditions. But the optimal size of sativas is 12 feet, which is two times higher than indicas. The plant has thin leaves, more sparse branches and buds. The specific characteristic of sativa plants is their “cerebral high” that brings lots of energy and uplifts your mood.

– Hybrid strains are the combination of indica and sativa strains. As a result, the smoker experiences the effects of both strains: a euphoric high together with relaxing and uplifting effects.

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