Different Prices on Marijuana in States Where It Is Legalized

Different Prices on Marijuana in States Where It Is Legalized

Among all the marijuana legalization news, the most discussed is the question of the U.S. state with the highest price on medical marijuana (MM). There are states like Oregon, where people are allowed to cultivate weed in the qualifying conditions and where you can find dispensaries. There are also the states where only CBD medical marijuana is legalized, with no place to grow or buy it. And as always, there are the “mixed” states that are in between.

New Jersey is the state with a significantly limited marijuana policy. The federal legalization of cannabis assumed the allowance to cultivate CBD-only marijuana. The list of patients is not very long here, as the number of conditions for getting an allowance card is small in comparison with other states. Moreover, there are even fewer outlets for cannabis. Citizens are not allowed to grow weed, so the only way to get it is to visit the licensed outlets. According to the report of the American Health Department released on March 11, the amount of supplied medical marijuana is not enough, that is why the price is literally through the roof.

The average price for one ounce of MM in New Jersey is $489, which is 37% higher than in such states as Maine, Vermont, New Mexico, Arizona, and others. By the way, New Mexico has the lowest price of $284 per ounce. Now we agree with New Jersey’s own officials who stated that the state had the highest marijuana prices in the nation. There are states which are not included in the comparison list, such as Oregon, Washington, and others. States with older marijuana programs are definitely better, as they have experienced dozens of changes.

Due to this fact, we can state that the older the marijuana program is, the lower the prices on MM the state has. It does not matter how the government of New Jersey views medical marijuana prices in other states; $489 is $489, which is too much for the suffering patients to pay for one ounce of a great painkiller. It is time for New Jersey to revise and fix the improper medical marijuana program and stop being the state with the prices on medical marijuana so high that patients cannot even dream to reduce their sufferings anytime soon.

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