Different Effects of Cannabis Sativa and Indica

Different Effects of Cannabis Sativa and Indica

Medical marijuana centers assure their clients of the positive effect of the hybrid plant strains on the body, mind, and nervous system. However, a growing amount of scientists that want to prove the harmful features of cannabis are starting to question this claim. One of them is Ethan Russo, the director of a biotechnology company, a faculty member at the Universities of Montana and Washington, a famous neurologist and researcher, and the author of the majority of scientific books about herbal medicine. He states that Cannabis has strains that differ biochemically, but as for the sativa/indica distinction, it is total nonsense and futility. This means that the uplifting features of the sativa strain and the relaxing indica effects are nothing more than an urban myth. Cannabis growers are actively working on creating hybrid strains that would have a 2-in-1 effect. However, the magical power of the sativa and indica combination is also greatly exaggerated in order to promote sales. According to Dr. Daniele Piomelli’s opinion that was published in the journal Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research, sativa is usually considered to have an energetic effect while indica is viewed as relaxing. Surely, different strains have different effects on the human body. However, lately, marijuana has been mostly presented on the market by the high-THC strains. The differences in Cannabis effects lie in their terpenoid content, which is neither properly analyzed nor accurately explained to the consumer. The sedation of the indica strains was falsely explained by the impact of CBD content when in fact, CBD can be stimulating in low doses. As for the sativa strains, a large amount of limonene (usually found in citrus peels) in its content elevates the mood; sometimes, marijuana can even reduce or eliminate the loss of short-term memory due to the presence of the rare terpane, alpha-pinene, in its content.

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