Difference Between Sativa and Indica

Difference Between Sativa and Indica

Today, when the cannabis world attracts more and more people, smokers are curious about the difference between indica and sativa high. To understand that, we need to observe different aspects of these two different types of the marijuana plant. Keep in mind that some marijuana plants do not contain psychoactive components, while others do, providing you with the desired high. However, hybrid weed is also available on the market, so it is important to know the basics. You may have heard the terms “sativa” and “indica” many times. Yes, both of them refer to cannabis. But what makes them so different?

1. Origins and genetics

First of all, it is important to trace where the plant originates from. It is believed that marijuana plants are indigenous to Mongolia and Siberia. Sativa was discovered first, then came the indica. Today, both types are used to create hybrids, which are more adaptive and contain the characteristics of both sativas and indicas. Talking about the difference between these two types in genetics, it is important to mention that sativa and indica have different codes that predetermine their THC and CBD content.

2. Location

Another difference between these two types of weed is the location where these plants grow successfully. Sativas prefer warmer locations, like Thailand and Mexico, while indicas grow in cold conditions. Indicas are believed to have originated from the Hindu Kush mountain range. What is the explanation to that? It is all about the photoperiod that directly impacts cannabis cultivation. Sativa plants require a longer growing season, while indicas need a minimum of sunlight to flower.

3. Content and effects

The presence of cannabinoids and terpenes causes the difference of effects of indicas and sativas. Indica plant is usually associated with “getting stoned.” In contrast, sativa plants make smokers active and creative. Due to these effects, indica weed is recommended for night use to relax and have a nice sleep. Sativas are mostly suited for daytime use.

4. Flavor

Terpenoids are the components that are responsible for the flavor of the plant. Indicas mostly have a sweet flavor, like blackberry or strawberry, while sativas are popular for their earthy flavor.

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