Difference Between Indica and Sativa: Proven Fact or Matter of Perception?

Difference Between Indica and Sativa: Proven Fact or Matter of Perception?

So, you are new to the marijuana world. Or maybe you are not new but this is the first time you are hearing there are two types of weed. What are they? Let us have a closer look. Basically, there are two types of the plant—indica and sativa. They differ in many ways, starting with appearance and ending with the way they affect your body. However, scientifically, the difference between indica and sativa leaves has not been proven. There are a lot of other types created by cross-breeding, but we had better start with the basics.

The easiest way to distinguish sativa from indica is by appearance. Sativa plants are twice as tall as indica, with loosely placed branches and long leaves. When you imagine classic marijuana, it is sativa you are picturing in your head. It is grown outdoors due to the impressive height of up to 20 feet. Indica is shorter and more densely branched, so it is suitable for growing indoors. Leaves are wide and thick.

When it comes to influence on the consumer’s body, indica and sativa have different impacts and therefore different prescriptions. If you feel exhausted and low, sativa leaves will help you get an energy boost. It often has an impact on your cerebral system and sometimes may provoke hallucinations. Sativa is suitable for daily use. On the contrary, if you feel stressed and suffer from insomnia, indica is the best option for you. Its leaves have a relaxing effect, so they are advised for night use. However, there has still been no scientific research that would prove this difference. So, mainly the effect depends on the personal feelings of the consumer.

Historically, the difference between sativa and indica was initially discovered by Lamarck. He realized that cannabis plants from India were intoxicating and had a mind-altering effect when made into hashish. On the contrary, the plants that were popular in Europe had no such effect. So Lamarck introduced the name Cannabis indica in order to distinguish crops from each other. And we still use this classification more than 200 years later.

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