Detox Drinks Before Drug Test—The Only Way to Pass It?

Detox Drinks Before Drug Test—The Only Way to Pass It?

Since in the near future, marijuana will be widely accepted, and people will consume it like beer or chocolate, we decided to start being the people of the future. Unfortunately, for now it is illegal, and some employers can easily fire you if your drug test result comes back positive. Oops. So, let us find out how to keep your position and hide the marijuana presence in your body. Here are two ways to do that, so pick the one you like and try it!

1. THC detox drinks

On the current market, you may find a lot of detox drinks like Instant Clean or Rapid Clear, which guarantee to clean your system from cannabis within 24 hours, right before your drug test. These solutions assure that with the help of herbal supplement and/or caffeine, THC just gets out of the body. Other drinks, like AZO, use niacin and cranberry extracts for that. Since tricking the drug test is a crime, and the FDA does not approve it, we are not saying that these methods are the right way to go, so to try them or not is only your decision. Most friends and dealers will tell you to consume a lot of fluids to speed up the process, but according to the experts, it is not a good idea. Lab workers keep an eye out for samples that look diluted, so it will only draw extra attention to you. You do not want that, right?

2. Fake urine

It is not a joke. In addition to all detox drinks and powders, you may find a whole line of fake urine packets on the market. Unfortunately, drug tests are firewalls to the hackers. The system administrators have tweaked the system so excellently that all loopholes are closed. Laboratory urine testing ensures that the samples meet all the needed requirements, and only after that, they are tested for drug content. There are a lot of stories about how people tried to make something that resembles urine with different chemical mixtures and failed. Even animal urine will not let you pass the test, as human urine has special pee signatures, which differentiate humans from animals. By the way, if you think that asking your girlfriend to pee will work, then you are wrong, as there is a special test for hormone levels to identify the sex of the urine.

As you can see, there is no best way to pass the test successfully than to abstain from smoking marijuana.

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