Danger of Synthetic Marijuana

Danger of Synthetic Marijuana

There are a lot of advantages of legalizing marijuana, but there is still a risk of synthetic marijuana use among teenagers. What is synthetic marijuana and why is it so dangerous? These are the two issues we are going to discuss.

Synthetic marijuana: what is it?

As we all know, marijuana is a natural product that comes from the cannabis plant. People smoke it or ingest to get the “high feeling” and relaxation from the active marijuana compounds called cannabinoids. The most popular one is THC. Synthetic marijuana is a chemical created in the laboratory and designed to replace the effect of THC. Usually, the manufacturer creates some liquid and sprays it on any dried innocuous plant so that no one notices the fake.

Is it a crime to smoke synthetic marijuana?

It is hard to give an answer to this question because making synthetic marijuana illegal is very difficult. When any compound of synthetic marijuana becomes illegal, the drug makers just change it in their formula to a legal one. For young people, there is nothing easier than to find the same old product in the new packaging. The original form of spice—another name of synthetic marijuana—was banned a long time ago.

Side effects of spice

Synthetic marijuana is much more dangerous than its natural prototype. The reason for that is that its users never know the contents of spice. The manufacturers change the formula of synthetic weed all the time. Not to mention that the labeling of the product is often wrong, so it is impossible to know what you are dealing with. When talking about spice, there are some general negative effects of its use. First of all, it affects the psychological condition of the consumer. Synthetic weed causes anxiety, paranoia, panic attacks, and even thoughts about committing suicide. More than that, this synthetic product may cause some physical symptoms, like vomiting, nausea, seizures, heart attacks, and a lot of others. Synthetic marijuana is very harmful and dangerous, and unfortunately, the young generation is the most vulnerable to the risks of its use.

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