Dabbing: Guide for Beginners

Dabbing: Guide for Beginners

Dabs weed are the concentrated marijuana extracts, which have become quite popular in the places where weed is legalized. There is an uncountable amount of ways to consume weed, but a new method appeared not so long ago. It gets more and more popularity each day, and it is called dabbing! So, what is dabbing and why in some places it becoming more common than the traditional ways of smoking? Dabbing is the process of pressing a certain amount of cannabis extract against a heated oil rig pipe’s surface and then inhaling the smoke. For beginners the process may seem rather complicated, that is why here is a collection of facts about dabs you should definitely know.

Dabbing: What Is It?

Dabbing is a way of vaporizing different types of cannabis extracts like shatter, wax, and butane hash oil (BHO). The only difference between them is in the method of their production. Nowadays, to find various extracts and oils for dabbing is possible in the states with legalized marijuana, like Colorado and Washington.

How Does It Work?

What attracts smokers to using this way of smoking weed? It is definitely the THC concentration that is much higher than in buds. Some cannabis extracts can contain up to 90% of THC so that medical marijuana users can get the amount of the needed medicine more quickly. The device used for dabbing is similar to a bong and is called a dab rig. Comparing smoking and dabbing, the last one provides more efficient delivery of THC to the human body, so that it is an absolute advantage.

What Should Dab Rig Contain?

While choosing a dab rig, pay attention to the availability of all its parts:

– Water pipe
– Nail (it can be of different materials)—it is the part which you heat up to vaporize the weed extract.
– Dome—it is used to trap the vapor during the process, so if you have the right type of nail, the dome is not necessary.
– Torch—it is a propane torch that can be held in your hand; it is easily lightened with a single pull of the trigger.
– Dab tool, or wand—it is a stainless steel stick used to pick up a tiny amount of extract and dab it on the heated nail.

As you can see, the dab rig has a lot of necessary parts, and the absence of any will lead to a spoiled mood and a failed attempt to get a dose of pleasure. So, be attentive and enjoy dabbing!

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