Crazy Scientific Facts About Pot You Will Be Excited to Know

Crazy Scientific Facts About Pot You Will Be Excited to Know

Modern science is getting rid of many prejudices about cannabis. Now it is viewed not only as a forbidden drug but also as a powerful remedy for many chronic medical conditions. Numerous benefits of this natural gift are being studied by the best doctors, biologists, and chemists of the world. And these three interesting facts are the results of their work. So, discover them and improve your level of pot-education!

A nice joint is less harmful than a cigarette

Can you imagine that? Swedish scientists have proved that legal tobacco does more harm to our lungs than prohibited cannabis. Such interesting fact is caused by different manners of smoking. Tobacco consumers usually hold the smoke in their lungs for a longer time, while weed lovers exhale faster.

Moreover, specialists claim that novice smokers should definitely prefer joints to spliffs. If the difference between spliff and joint is not obvious to you, do not panic, we can help you. Joints are filled with pure cannabis, and spliffs—with weed and tobacco (or any other second ingredient). Even though smoking a spliff can become an amazing experience, it can become a real challenge for untrained lungs.

Marijuana can improve a pet’s health

Medical cannabis has gathered a big army of consumers, as it can cope with such serious medical conditions as glaucoma or even overcome the side effects of chemotherapy. But American vets have found that our pets can also benefit from weed. They prescribe special medical cannabis edibles (with a very low level of THC) for fluffy patients who have problems with digestive systems or pains after surgery. But if a pet eats a big dose of human marijuana products accidentally, it can even die. So hide all your pot stuff from your puppy, kitten, or hamster.

Pot was found in the air of Italian cities

We are not kidding. Two years ago, Italian scientists decided to examine the air of big cities for psychoactive substances. The results amazed the citizens as well as the scientists. For example, Turin, Bologna, and Florence are now renowned for the biggest amount of cannabis micro-particles in the air. Of course, this concentration cannot cause any breathing difficulties among citizens. But now we are aware of the fact that Italians know how to have a great time.

As you can see, scientific studying of cannabis leads to amazing discoveries. Some of them are funny, and some are very helpful. But, undoubtedly, cannabis has many other hidden benefits that are going to be revealed in the future.

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