Crazy Experiments With Liquids For Bongs: Vodka, Juice, or Soda Water?

Crazy Experiments With Liquids For Bongs: Vodka, Juice, or Soda Water?

There comes a day in every bong user’s life when they want to try something new and enjoy an exciting experience. Of course, not everyone can afford different sorts of cannabis, but what about experiments with liquids for your bong? Even replacing room temperature water with your favorite lemonade can make a difference. So, these are the top-4 alternative liquids for your bong with fair reviews.   

Ice water

Experienced smokers are crazy about smoking with different icy liquids. But simple water is probably the easiest and the cheapest way to diversify your smoking experience. When you take a piece of ice and melt it, you get distilled and very chilled water. Then just pour the water into your bong and enjoy a new level of smoking!

Ice water makes the smoke softer and cooler. Moreover, it makes the taste of flowers more crispy and fresh. Such smoking is a brilliant idea for hot summer evenings.

Hot water

If you want to try this bong trick, do not ever use boiling water. Hot water just from the kettle can make your tool for smoking more susceptible to breaking. It can cause little cracks in the bong’s surface. But you can try tap water for this experiment.

Of course, steam looks really impressive inside of the bong. Furthermore, the glass stem becomes warm, and it is extremely pleasant to touch. But the smoke itself becomes very hot, it can even burn your throat and spoil the “high feeling.” Honestly, ice water is much better in practice.

Water with Fruit Flavoring

To experience the “hookah-effect,” you can add two or three drops of food flavoring (for instance, Punch flavor) to the bong water. It will enrich the water with a delicious sweet smell and nice color.

In fact, the smoke will really become sweeter. The room where you smoke will be overwhelmed with fruit fragrance. It will seem like you are using those famous home made pipes or bongs made out of apples or watermelons. But the fragrance and taste will disappear with every inhale. So, this fruity trick is short-termed.

Lime Soda Water

This is probably the most interesting liquid to play with in your bong. Of course, it should be chilly and very bubbly to reach the optimal effect. You can even put some ice cubes inside the bong.

The effects of this trick are truly extraordinary. The carbonation makes the smoke tingle your mouth, nose, and throat pleasantly. Every inhale is crispy, fresh, and cool. Because of all these unusual effects, many smokers use soda water on a regular basis.

So, now you know which liquids from your fridge can be poured into your bong for a better smoking experience. Will you dare to try them?

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