Countries Where Smoking Pot Is the Worst Idea Ever

Countries Where Smoking Pot Is the Worst Idea Ever

To rephrase the famous proverb, there are as many weed laws as there are countries. Of course, you can live in a marijuana-tolerant state, where everyone can easily perform cool smoke tricks right on the streets. But in many other countries, the governments have a different opinion about consuming Mary Jane. So, if you cannot imagine your trip overseas without your pot smoking routine, it would be a great idea to learn about the countries with the strictest cannabis laws.

1. China

This country is proud of its tough legislation. Over two thousand citizens are executed every year for disregard of the law. Moreover, a few hundred of them are guilty of trafficking cannabis!

The cost of 7 ounces of cannabis in China is death penalty. Even the unforgettable high right on top of the skyscraper in Beijing is not worth it.

2. UAE

The most awkward and sad cannabis stories happen in this state. Sometimes, even a simple suspicion that someone is selling bud can lead to a long-term prison sentence or even a death sentence. Two years ago, two tourists from Great Britain were executed for allegedly trying to sell 20 grams of pot.

But this is not the only proof of how UAE marijuana laws work. A tourist from the UK was sentenced to five years in prison because the police found particles of weed on his shoe. The total weight of those particles was 0,003 g.

So if you smell the fragrance of bud somewhere in Dubai, run in the opposite direction from that place as soon as possible. And after that, wash your clothing and body carefully to make sure that there is no pot smell on it. You do not want to spend a couple of years in the Arabian prison for such a coincidence, do you?

3. Singapore

This tiny island with a big number of picturesque resorts seems to be the best place for practicing weed tricks on the seashore. Actually, it is not. Long-term imprisonments, medieval caning, or even death penalties—these holiday activities will be waiting for you if the police find some weed in your pocket.

It is necessary to mention that bud in Singapore is low-grade. So if you decide to risk, it will be one of the worst experiences of your life.

4. South Korea

Are you planning a trip to South Korea? Forget about smoking tricks and other weed experiments at least a week before your journey. The presence of THC in your blood, urine, or even hair can result in a couple of months in the Korean prison.

It is interesting to know that Korean citizens cannot enjoy all the benefits of Mary Jane even overseas. They can be sentenced to imprisonment or to a fine for smoking marijuana abroad. But in the dictator-run North Korea, there are no such pot rules at all!

As you can see, trips to these countries will become your weed-free holidays. Follow their rules, and you will be able to enjoy their diverse eastern beauty without any troubles.

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