Concentrate Rigs

Concentrate Rigs

The newest and craziest way to consume marijuana is dabbing. Usually, stoners take oils extracted from dry herb, make concentrates, and use wax rigs to inhale them. With all that rage about vaping weed and e-cigarettes, it is no wonder that legal consumption of marijuana oils and weed waxes has created a new phenomenon in the cannabis world called dabbing. How does it work? The marijuana oil or wax is applied to the nail of the wax rig and heated to an extremely high temperature, which turns the concentrate into vapor that is inhaled by the stoner. On today’s market, you can find different dab and oil rigs, but it means nothing to you if you do not know what the nail and the dome are, right? Feel free to educate yourself on the components of rigs for dabbing.

What are rigs?

Dabbing rigs (also known as dab rigs or concentrate rigs) are made of three parts: a nail, a dome, and a torch. Unlike bongs and pipes, concentrate rigs are not designed to combust weed. More than that, they elicit more health benefits from your herbs and oils. To dab with the help of a dab rig, you need to apply a piece of wax or oil onto the nail, then heat the nail with the torch, and then inhale the created vapor through the dab rig.

Types of components

You have dozens of options when it comes to the nail of the dab rig, but you should know that it is the nail that is responsible for heating the material and turning it into vapor. That is why the nail should be able to withstand an extremely high temperature and maintain it for a long period. On the market, you may find nails made of different materials, like glass, titanium, ceramics, and quartz. Your choice should depend on your preferences. More than that, each nail can be tested before the purchase. But what are domes for? They ensure the best inhalation by holding the vapor inside. However, some people do not like using domes as it seems too difficult and time-consuming for them to slide the nail into the dome. In any case, we think dabbing is the best way to smoke wax.

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