Many smokers consider a glass chillum to be the best way to enjoy cannabis. A chillum, also called a glass one-hitter or a Chalice, is a pipe that was traditionally used for smoking opium and marijuana. It is a straight tube of a conical shape that has a side bowl indented for putting herb in it and a far side to smoke through.

No one knows anything about the chillum’s origin, but there is evidence that the Sandhus in India and the Himalayans used this pipe during their spiritual group smoking sessions.

Because of Rastafarians, the chillum became popular in the Western culture. These cannabis lovers combined different elements of a hookah, a chillum, and a bong, and made a Chillum bowl (Chalice).     

It should be said that western stoners went far from the spiritual use of the chillum. By smoking it, they tried to create a feeling of family and unity.

Because there are many smoking paraphernalia on the market today, the chillum is not so popular among the younger marijuana smokers now. Nevertheless, the chillum still stays an integral part of the stoners’ history and is widely used by the older generation.   

The first chillums were made of animal horns or hollowed out rocks. Then came the bamboo and clay pipes, and now we can see chillums of different types and sizes made of various materials such as glass, metal, clay, wood, soapstone, and ceramics. The main difference between them is their effectiveness. For instance, a chillum made of wood is much more traditional than a glass pipe, but the latter is easier to clean, plus it cools the smoke better.   

Marijuana smokers use chillums because of their strong effect. The pipe can cool smoke very quickly and allows to accumulate a large quantity of smoke. These features lead to a much harder-hitting high.

There is nothing difficult about chillum smoking. You need to heat the bowl, take some short puffs, and then make a deep inhale. Another thing you need is to use a filter for the mouthpiece of the pipe.

Also, if you want to make your future sessions fresh, it is important to clean the pipe properly after each smoke.

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