Chemdawg Strain

Chemdawg Strain

Chemdawg is a cannabis strain with a bit mysterious history. Sometime before 1991, a man named Chemdog purchased an ounce of an excellent cannabis for $500 at a famous outdoor amphitheater Deer Creek. Later, the man received two more ounces of weed in the mail, and there were 13 seeds in one of those packages. Those very seeds were used to create this amazing weed strain. The parentage of the Chemdawg strain remains unknown but its progeny is quite famous and includes such world-known classic cannabis strains as OG Kush and Sour Diesel.

Chemdawg strain review

First of all, let us talk about the potency of this strain. Chemdawg belongs to the group of cannabis strains with a high potency; the level of THC in the strain exceeds up to 21,6%, depending on the climate and growing conditions. Chemdawg is a hybrid strain with the effects of both sativas and indicas and gives you a significant relief from stress, anxiety and depression. This extremely potent strain is known not only for the long-lasting effects it provides but also for an amazing earthy aroma that is unbelievably pungent. Though, people who  tried to vape Chemdawg claim that there was a light diesel flavor that lingered in the mouth for a while and afterward turned into pine notes. Smoking Chemdawg from the glass pipe will surely provide you an earthy flavor. But if you are smoking Chemdawg in a glass pipe, the flavor will probably be much earthier, with just a bit of pine and diesel notes in it.

Effects of Chemdawg strain: what every stoner should know?

As you probably already know, Chemdawg is quite a potent marijuana strain, but did you know anything about its couch lock effect? Let us take a closer look at the Chemdawg strain’s effects on human body and mind. It can make you feel happy and boost your mood for some time, but it also can relax your body so much that you will have no other choice but to spend the next few hours lying on your sofa. Chemdawg is the perfect choice for the people who want to manage daily stress, depression, or significant pain. If you suffer from the lack of appetite, the Chemdawg strain may be helpful as well.

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